Who am I ?

From archaeology to jewellery.

After studying protohistoric archaeology at Ecole du Louvre, I specialized in the celtic art of the Iron age at Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes. I then desired to learn how were made the masterpieces I had studied. This led me to train with various craftsmen.
First of all I learnt the lost wax bronze casting with founder and sculptor Hervé Le Goff, with Jean-René Châtillon, re-enactor in experimental archaeology, and traditional founders from Burkina Faso Hamed Gandéma and Salif Dermé.
After what I studied various jewellery techniques at école Tané located in Ploërmel, in Morbihan.

Handmade jewellery

From design to finished jewel, all my jewellery is hand crafted.

Whether it is traditional jewellery or lost wax bronze casting, all the jewels I create are hand crafted. None of the operations is automated and I use no factory made pieces.

All the techniques I emplement are traditional. I thus use tools that have changed little across the centuries : compass, hammers, saws, files…

The base materials I use are silver, bronze, brass and copper. Using those different materials allows me to play with colours and textures for my greatest pleasure and yours. I also decorate some of my creations with home made “Murano style” glass beads or fine gems.